Vray 150 SP2 For 3ds Max 2009 64 32bit |LINK|

Vray 150 SP2 For 3ds Max 2009 64 32bit |LINK|

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Vray 150 SP2 For 3ds Max 2009 64 32bit

We had a problem using vray 2.20. and max 2011. If there was an ies light in the scene, the macroscript didn’t work. I figured out it was the “Use Light Shape” part that didn’t work. If anyone else has the same problem get this file, until 3dzver gets back with a real solution. 🙂

This is by far one of the most useful scripts for max i have ever used. I have a problem though with Vray 2 and max 2012. It does not recognize or display vray ies light. The MAX Script Rollout Handler Exception window pops up with an error saying “–Type error: checked: requires BooleanClass, got:2”

For anyone having problems with adding lights to vray used on max 2008, try using tool’s “Ray Starting position’s Offset’. In addition, I cant remember what its called but there is a workaround for the pop up error message. For example: LRelease by itself gets you around it. Go figure.

Pirates Of The Carribean, Iron Giant, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, Elvis Vs Da Voodoo Child, Mission Impossible 3. You name it, and a movie was made. I have only been using 3d Max for about a week, but I gotta tell ya. I have been kicking ass, and taking names with these macros.

Here’s vray on max 2009 with ies light shaped and vray ies lighting enabled. It’s pretty cool actually. I’ve never seen such great lighting this fast. The shadowing and specular falloff is fantastic.

I’m having the “Checked StrikeThrough warning” that’s in the title at the moment. –(usually) happens when you’ve installed a newer “ststrike” later version of a SDK/plugin, and the old “iframe” is used in your projects, and you update a newer version of vray_Stripe.dll .




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