Tvhome Media 3 PORTABLE Free Download For Windows 8l

Tvhome Media 3 PORTABLE Free Download For Windows 8l



Tvhome Media 3 Free Download For Windows 8l

Remote control everything from your computer or mobile device with the included Air Media Remote. Web browser allows you to visit any website, access your favourite local app, search for a movie, or browse movies. Find movies to watch and browse movies

Step 4: Now, the next Windows Destination option is there. Here you have to select the Destination where you want to stream your Media. Select HTTP from here and then click on the Add button. You can also check the Display Locally option, which will stream media on your laptop too so you can know the media file is playing correctly on other devices. Click on the Next button now.

Then, you will be taken to the next screen, which shows the media file that is going to play. You can select the quality and choose a file type that you wish to play. Click on the Next button. That’s it. Now, your newly created media will be streaming to your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 2: After clicking on the Connect button, you will get a popup to choose your audio device, and then your network protocol. Choose between built-in, Headphones, Speakers and then click on the Connect button to proceed.[upd


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