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102. To people of faith, the “so-called right to abortion” has nothing to do with the right to life and to health, which are the basis of their religious belief: it is the right to the negation of life and physical integrity, instead of being the right to life and to health, protected in the world as it is by the law. Here they act out a destructive counter-cultural revolution: they negate and abolish all that is ordered and instituted by the fundamental laws of Nature, because they judge that those laws can never be invoked in the name of freely accepted procedure and act of human life.

127. Death – properly speaking – is an evil, not a good, which must, would want to and can be redeemed by God. It is unjustified when it comes to innocent human life, and every human life is innocent before God: it is justified, however, when it comes to all other kinds of human suffering, such as those caused by physical, moral and spiritual repressions and by the bitterness of life. For this reason, witness to the resurrection is more than a simple declaration of victory over death. It is a call to look at the experience of the love of God which made the light of Resurrection manifest at Easter, and to pass from death to life, rather than from life to death.

143. The call to spiritual life, intended to free all those living in the world from evil, is also the call to a life in which love and conscience are shaped by truth, so that they can seek and unselfishly give life to the good and harmonious relationships which are the effects of their action. The process of restoration to the moral order begins with the restoration of the vision of truth and love in the heart of man, which has been lost because of the pervading effects of falsehood and violence. Faith in the Creator can only be fulfilled, restored and operative in the heart of man if this faith is directed towards the Father of Jesus Christ, the truth-telling and life-giving Word of God now made visible in the human being.


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