The Cinematics A Strange Education Torrent !NEW!



The Cinematics A Strange Education Torrent

Development on Life Is Strange 2 began in early 2016 as the first game shipped its physical edition.[30][31] Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet returned to direct the sequel,[32] with Christian Divine and Jean-Luc Cano reprising their roles as co-writers.[33][34][35] The concept was influenced by the photography of Mike Brodie, who would freighthop across the United States and take pictures of drifters.[36] The game is structured like a road movie, inspired by the film Into the Wild and novella Of Mice and Men. Dontnod conducted field research on the West Coast of the United States, meeting people and taking pictures there.[34][37] The two primary themes of the game are education and brotherhood.[38] Using the Unreal Engine 4, they upgraded the animation system, physics, and shaders. According to Dontnod, one of the biggest challenges of development was the artificial intelligence of the character Daniel.[34]

Music is the heart and soul of our editorial work. It is at the core of our vision and the communication of our message. We love working with composers and recording artists to create original music with an extra special touch.

Please contact us via email or Facebook for VFX inquiries. Currently, we are not open to seeking licensing agreements through online platforms as we are currently working on our next release. Our studio is located in Porto, Portugal.


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