Sonic Mania Plus-VOKSI Tool

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Sonic Mania Plus-VOKSI Tool

The strategy for VOKSI has been to intervene in the Denuvo denial of service attack (DoS) web-scraping bot whenever it is active. In the case of Sonic Mania Plus, VOKSI was able to earn a modicum of fame by administering a successful DoS attack against Denuvo’s web-scraping bot, and at the time of writing, remains responsible for Denuvo’s website falling. In response to the Denuvo denial of service attack success of VOKSI, the Denuvo bot was forced to work harder against them, recording more targets in the process of Denuvo’s DoS attacks by VOKSI. If VOKSI can successfully continue to outsmart Denuvo’s defences, the Denuvo bot will have to work harder to counter them, a Herculean task when working against an unknown adversary, much like the honey badger.

VOKSI incorporated the Denuvo bot into the attack to send Denuvo DMCA-style cease and desist notices against the Denuvo bot, to force Denuvo into shutting it down. VOKSI has also been funded with several millions of dong using 0x4FEA7B. This previously has been considered an attempt at a Denuvo denial of service, but sometimes it isn’t clear whether Denuvo has been heeded or not. The general aim is to force Denuvo into bringing VOKSI’s DoS tool, far more powerful than anything Denuvo has used in the past. Sonic Mania Plus attempts to prevent the Denuvo bot from working by displaying a stop-page dialogue. The Denuvo bot’s IP-address is not in its lookup table and it will not work, so it is unable to get any of its threats to succeed in their objective.

Currently Denuvo’s security insulation, which is based on a multi-layered approach of scrambling the game’s executable, and the game’s encrypted data, are fully blockable. Although VOKSI is a powerful hacker, his modus operandi in Sonic Mania Plus had been to follow the hacker’s path of least resistance.

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