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Miner Mole is an application built for advanced indexing and data mining.
The program collects, stores and parses data about files, folders, users or any other information that can be obtained from computers, for a fast and accurate information retrieval.







Portable Miner Mole 0.7.5 Crack [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

High speed and accuracy of indexing:

Miner Mole allows you to index your files and folders through a database, at the same time this application automatically and very fast check-index your files and folders. Miner Mole has a Fast file indexing engine, you can get an indexing speed 20 times faster than other applications.

Full parsing:

Miner Mole is a highly interactive utility. The program is able to read any kind of file, including:

Excel Spreadsheets
Word Documents
Pdf files

The program can parse all the content of the file and analyze and display it. If you need to know more about a specific document, Miner Mole will make your decision very easy and fast.

Quick access to any kind of file:

Miner Mole stores your important files and folders in the database to make them easier to access and view. Miner Mole allows you to have a cross list of files and folders stored in the database, in which you can access all the information directly.

High-performance parser:

Miner Mole’s parser is a very fast, robust and efficient text reader. The program allows you to interactively read any kind of file. Miner Mole can extract any kind of information from a PDF file, such as tables, images, hyperlinks, fonts, hyperlinks, cross references, etc. The application can parse any kind of file as long as it can be read.

Cross-platform software:

Miner Mole runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Miner Mole is a self-contained application, and it does not use any external library to work.
The application works under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP without requiring any installation, for both 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.
Miner Mole is available for download from

Miner Mole Features:

Miner Mole is a cross-platform application, the program can be used to access files from Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


The application allows you to manage and parse your files in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Indices and searches:

Miner Mole allows you to index your files and

Portable Miner Mole 0.7.5 Crack+ [Latest 2022]

Support VMS, OS/2, DOS, Unix and Windows Windows OS environments
Sort Files by Name, Size, Date,…
Support multiple columns in file or directory listing
Support Hash and IPI File Directories
Support : MDB, DBM, TS, LOCA, PDA

Portable Miner Mole 0.7.5 Activator Free Download [2022]

• Miners are able to collect, index and analyze data about users, computers, files or folders
• Miner Mole can be viewed as an Advanced Indexing Application (AIA) which provides users with a graphical user interface to search and view their data
• Miners can export their data as structured files in a text or XML format

Miner Mole in other languages

Miner Mole is currently available in english and spanish.

Data mining

The Miner Mole Indexing engine can be used to mine any type of data about computers and users. The Indexing engine can index a particular system, get information about computers or users, or any other data and do a search or any kind of analysis on that information.


The Indexing engine can be used to search for information about users, computers or files. The indexing engine is able to search information about computer users, computers and files. To do this, the engine creates a database of information stored in the system. This database consists of:
• Data about each computer

What’s New in the?

Miner Mole is a cross-platform graphical interface which enables indexing and data mining of very large and complex computer systems. Miner Mole allows users to create custom text-indexes, to keep a history of file changes, to analyze millions of files, and to analyze millions of file changes.

Miner Mole Features:

The Advanced User Interface

Miner Mole Advanced User Interface has no predefined syntax or user interface. It is possible to create User Interface customizing all types of concepts that are implemented in Miner Mole. Any user can create his own User Interface. All Miner Mole user interfaces are located on the left side of Miner Mole.

It is also possible to create special user interfaces for remote computers using a Web Browser or a remote desktop protocol.


The advanced interface allows searching of both literal and partial search. The user can execute queries in two modes: sequential and extensible. Both search modes are incremental, and they work on a global or local basis.

In sequential search the search results are displayed in a sequential order, from the first result to the last one. In extensible search the results are displayed in the order that user defined for the extensible search.


Miner Mole stores all information about files and folders in its own database. In the database all the information related to the file or folder is stored and analyzed. As Miner Mole stores information about every file or folder it is also possible to analyze the whole file system of a computer. The analysis of a computer system will make Miner Mole store in its database the information about all files and folders from the computer.


The Miner Mole application has three types of index: literal, partial, and extensible.

Literal index is a type of index which is built for literal search (search for specific words). All user defined indexes are literal, and all indexes are built for literal searches.

Partial index is a type of index which is built for partial search (search for words or phrases that partially match with the words in the file). Partial indexes are stored in a file, so that all user defined indexes are also partial.

Extensible index is a type of index which is based on user defined search criteria. These indexes are also stored in a file, so that all user defined indexes are also extensible.

Indexes can be built as internal or external indexes. Internal indexes are user defined, and are built for direct indexing of files. An internal index contains an index of all the words in the file. An external index is a user defined index which is built for index


System Requirements:

For MAC:
For Windows:
DirectX 11: No
Intel i5-4570 (Not recommended for AMD systems)
8GB or more of RAM
At least 30 GB of available space
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