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PixCalc Crack

Switching from pixels to inches or centimeters is a breeze with this software solution that comes packed with a set of compact and capable tools for determining resolution values in different units.

With the help of this program, it’s simple to switch from pixels to inches or centimeters, and vice versa. The program is intuitive to use, and for those who are new to the process, they will enjoy the practical explanations on the official website.
Well-designed app that gives instructions on the process of pixels to inches conversion
Users will find this program to be incredibly easy to use and navigate, and it has been designed so that novices will be able to understand the process from the get-go. In addition, this application provides practical instructions for converting from pixels to inches or centimeters, and vice versa.
Resolution in inches is determined using the formula (Width * 72) + (Height * 9), and this is provided for convenience.
Converts resolution values from pixels to inches and from inches to pixels
With the help of this conversion program, it’s simple to switch from pixels to inches or centimeters, and vice versa. The program is intuitive to use, and for those who are new to the process, they will enjoy the practical explanations on the official website.

The authors of the app are a software development studio that calls themselves “Snail Software”, and they have also produced a number of other tools. While their first app was “Pixels to Colours”, they’ve gone on to release a number of other portable apps, such as “Pixels to Pixels”.
Very simple program that will offer users the chance to determine the display resolution in pixels
This app has been made using the Unity framework, and therefore, it will also be found in the Google Play Store. The interface is quite small and features the familiar Google Plus logo that will give an immediate feel of having been using one of their other apps.
Once the preferred resolution in pixels is entered, the app will display the values in both decimal and fractional parts, and this is where users have the opportunity to enter additional values to determine more precisely their display resolution.
A tiny app that has all the required options for fast conversion
The app will instantly convert from pixels to inches and vice versa and this can be performed both ways, and while the conversion takes a few seconds to carry out, the final result is displayed directly into the clipboard for users to later use.

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A lightweight app that can offer quick conversions from pixels to inches and centimeters
Works perfectly with drag-and-drop operations for more flexibility
Features a tiny interface that holds the set of tools for conversion
Includes a powerful set of conversion tools for determining resolution in different units
The Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software is a competent tool for anyone who is searching for a comprehensive solution for the processing of digital images. The application can come in handy for all digital photographers, whether they work professionally or they are avid amateurs. To put it simply, DPP is an all-in-one toolbox that allows users to edit, organize, correct, transform and make adjustments to their images in an easy and efficient manner.
While creating a range of changes, the application also offers users the chance to remove imperfections such as noise, and to apply enhancements such as sharpening and smoothing for more noticeable and professional-looking results. In addition, the software comes packed with some advanced editing tools that allow users to introduce more complexity to their photographs.
A feature that makes this tool a standout is the fact that it offers an extensive library of effects that one can apply to an image. These effects include Adjustment, Color, Edge, Exposure, Style, Value, and others.
DPP’s interface is intuitive and offers a large number of options. From this interface, users can easily control the program and navigate through the application. The interface features large graphics and one can easily select icons that will lead them to the main categories of the software.
The extensive library of controls is located on the lower left portion of the interface. A navigational menu bar is located on the left edge of the window and this menu provides access to most of the applications features. At the very bottom, a pane for the user’s comments and a small progress bar are located.
This software application comes with a set of plugins for quick image correction. These plugins are very handy and they include auto blur, auto dodge, auto exposure, auto eyelash, auto face, auto fix red eye, auto recover red eye, auto exposure, auto fur, auto hair, auto sharpening, auto sky, auto sky blue, auto vignette, and auto vignette balance.
DPP provides tools for the processing of RAW images and it also offers a large selection of filters. These filters include Adjustment, Color, Edge, Exposure, Style, Value, and others.
Software for digital photo

What’s New in the PixCalc?

Lightweight app that features a tiny interface that holds good conversion capabilities
This portable app features no setup process whatsoever, and this means that those who require “on-the-fly” functionality will appreciate its flexible operation. The conversion process is initiated by inputting the preferred resolution in pixels, and the app automatically displays the corresponding values.
Users can select to perform the conversion both ways, from pixels to inches or centimeters and the other way around. One useful feature is the “Auto Copy Result to Clipboard”, which will automatically add the conversion result to the clipboard, for further use.
Determine image resolution in inches by dragging directly onto the interface for the conversion
A great capability that this app offers is the fact that it supports drag-and-drop operations and this way one can convert the resolution of an image without manually inputting the numbers, but by just dragging the image on the app’s interface.
For those who prefer a more advanced approach to use PixCalc, they can use the command line, and the app provides a set of hints for inputting the correct syntax. Last but not least, people can select for the app to always remain pinned in the preferred location on their desktops.
A convenient application that will offer fast pixels to inches or centimeters conversion
Switching from pixels to inches or centimeters is a breeze with this software solution that comes packed with a set of compact and capable tools for determining resolution values in different units.

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System Requirements:

OS: Win7+
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.2Ghz
GPU: GTX 680 4GB or AMD R9 290X 4GB
DirectX: 11
System Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.4Ghz
GPU: R9 290X 4GB
DirectX: 11


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