Nexus 7 Chrome Downloads !EXCLUSIVE!

Nexus 7 Chrome Downloads !EXCLUSIVE!


Nexus 7 Chrome Downloads

Google threw up a surprise announcement at Google I/O that they would be releasing a new Chromebook just as Intel had officially announced their plans to completely turn ARM processors into their main industry focus. The Google Nexus 7 was a planned obsolescent product with a few months of life left in it. A new version of the product right out of the gate — while still a few months ahead of the expected time for such a product to be released — was an odd move.

BlackBerry is the only thing standing in the way of TouchID on the iPhone 6 and 6S, and it’d be pretty hard for me to go back to touch-sensitive smartphones for reasons that aren’t so much about the physicality of things as they’re about what it means to me as a secure computing consumer. Better yet, Blackberry’s going to be putting out a version of the Blackberry OS — called “BlackBerry 10 OS” — combining the Android and iOS software design teams into one unit, much like what HTC attempted to do with the “One” smartphone platform.

I can imagine it’s going to be hard to turn back from Android after feeling how easy it is to run the Steam, Chrome, and Android Studio software through the Android on the Nexus 7. Fortunately, the annual Blackberry World Conference is this week, and it’d be cool to get a firsthand look at what new features Blackberry 10 OS will have to offer. In addition, Blackberry will be running trade shows at the trade show, so there’ll be a lot of new software to catch up on.

I know there are a lot of people that want to stay away from the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, or Nexus 7 due to quality issues and supply issues. But, as I’ve pointed out in the past, the Nexus 4 and especially the Nexus 7 is still widely available with used models selling for a fraction of its launch price. Buy used, and you could have a good value. Buy new, and you can have the best Android tablet on the market today.

Next, navigate to your device file manager (e.g: Windows Explorer) and locate the downloaded file. If it is not located, try navigating to chrome://apps/ and then Network Tab. You should see your file listed there.


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