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The following description is presented for the macros included with SharePoint Foundation 2013. This introduction is also relevant to SharePoint Server 2013.
KeyMacro is a SharePoint Add-In that consists of a set of macros designed for embedding rich content into SharePoint pages. KeyMacro provides an easy way to add rich content such as videos, flash files, or audio files to a SharePoint page or site and to display them in a browser. The macros are all delivered as a single zip file.
After you download the zip file, you must unzip it on a local computer. From the unzipped folder, you will find the following subfolders:
1. Macros
This is the most important folder. It contains all of the macros.
2. Install
This folder contains the install instructions.
3. Data
This folder contains the installation data.
4. Settings
This folder contains the user settings.
5. Tools
This folder contains the tools.
6. Help
This folder contains the online help.
7. Support
This folder contains the user support.
It is recommended to read the documentation for each macro, especially if the macros are used for the first time.
*NOTE: Before adding any new web parts, make sure the web part is fully activated. Otherwise, it will not be visible to users in the sharepoint UI.
1. Adding New Content
1. Click on the ‘Macros’ folder and choose one of the provided macros.
2. If you have not yet registered a KeyMacro ID, click on ‘Register’.
3. Fill out the required fields and click ‘Save’.
4. Save the page or site to which you want to add the macros.
5. Add the selected macros to the page by clicking on the ‘Configure’ tab.
6. If you have clicked on the ‘Add all macros’ button, the macros will be added automatically to the page.
7. If you have clicked on the ‘Add selected macros’ button, the macros will be added to the page.
8. If you have clicked on the ‘Add from gallery’ button, KeyMacro will add all macros that are available in the gallery to the page.
9. If you have clicked on the ‘Add from gallery…’ button, you can choose a macro from the gallery.
10. If you have clicked on the ‘Add from gallery…’ button and added a macro to the

Media Plus Web Part With License Key

The Media Plus Web Part is a SharePoint component that allows web designers to display all sorts of multimedia content in their websites.
This is achieved by way of an easy and fast integration with a number of sources. It offers support for Flash video players, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Services and much more.
Furthermore, the Web Part can be placed in any SharePoint site page or page layout without hassle.
A number of additional features are included in the Media Plus Web Part package, including the ability to auto-play, hide video and playlist controls, as well as a resizable frame.

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What’s New In?

Allows you to embed or link to your own videos, or to use their SharePoint Playlists.

Media Plus Web Part could be used in a traditional way, or even in a Video-on-Demand mode, or to provide access to an entire playlist.

Media Plus Web Part integrates perfectly into the default SharePoint UI.

Media Plus Web Part Features:

Allows you to embed or link to your own videos, or to use their SharePoint Playlists.

This component could be integrated both into your normal as well as into a Video-on-Demand based site.

Also has the support for resizable frames, which enables you to adjust the layout of the component according to the size of the browser window.

Media Plus Web Part installation and configuration:

In order to use Media Plus Web Part, you first need to install it. For this, go to Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Web Parts.

Next, add the component from there, as you would normally do for any other web part. Its URL will be something like:

Where and correspond to the URL of your SharePoint site and the name of the page where you want the Web Part to be displayed. To this end, it is recommended that you go to Site Settings >> Look and Feel >> Insert a Web Part >> Insert Media Plus Web Part.

After the installation, you will need to define the URL where you want to serve your videos. In this case, you will need to go to Web Part Settings >> Media.

On the other hand, in order to provide support for individual clips, you have the following options:

Use a public link to a publicly accessible folder on the server to which you can upload your clips. In this case, you will have to place a dedicated link onto your pages and make sure that they are linked to the Media File Library.

Go to each page of the site, copy the URL from the address bar and use that as the value for the mediapasspath parameter.

The last option is to make use of a dedicated SharePoint Playlist. In this case, go to Site Settings >> Lists and Libraries >> Libraries >> Lists >> Media Library >> Media >> Videos.

On this page, you will see a Playlist of the available videos and a URL that you can copy and use as the value for the mediapasspath parameter in order to use the Media Plus Web Part.

The next thing you will need to do is to verify the URL where your videos will be hosted. To this end, navigate to the Media File Library and check the URL from the address bar.

System Requirements For Media Plus Web Part:

Windows 8 and above
10 GB or more available hard-disk space
1 GB of RAM
DirectX 9.0c
Oculus Rift
1 GB
2 GB
20 GB or more available hard-disk space
Can I Use with Oculus Rift?
This mod requires Oculus Rift to work.
Version 1.1:
– Added support for Oculus Rift 1.0

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