Mary Kom 1080p Movies Download !FULL!

Mary Kom 1080p Movies Download !FULL!



Mary Kom 1080p Movies Download

The film is chock-full of Bollywood flavour, everywhere from the songs to the dance number. The Hindu newspaper outlined that it can best be described as a “charm filled drama”. The film, which shot around the same time as biopic Olympian Tanmay Bhat’s Bachna Ae Haseeno, got a competitor with the brand new release of Aamir Khan’s Dangal. The outing of south Indian film proceeds to depart behind in box office, forcing the film to turn out to be a wonderful box office failure. It additionally stars Yo Yo Honey Singh in a significant role as Mary Kom’s manager.

The film will premiere on 31 December, 2014 in the UK; it is additionally set for worldwide release on 31 December, 2014. Aamir Khan will play the role of Mary Kom’s father, Maniram Birla, while Priyanka Chopra represents Mary Kom’s mom. Rishi Kapoor will play Mr. Onkar, who woos and encourages Mary Kom since she is a youngster.

The starting was welcomed by the Indian sporting events scrum as this compelling the “championisation” of a woman, transcending both the sexes, neatly, from Bollywood to nationwide, in different words, worldwide recognition. On a worldwide level, Mary Kom is the first lady boxer in India. “We wish to see not huge heads, but slightly heads. It is time we saw our female champ as the champion she’s, with her success lasting and transperient big, as we need to see her as big,” said bureau chief of The Indian Express, foreign correspondent Pranesh Prakash.

Mary Kom is narrated as a tale of a daughter who gave up an easy life to become a famous boxer in the world. She started life with the name Kutumba, but because of her talent and skill she became popular as Mary Kom. Her father’s dream is that his daughter can have a good relationship with her husband Onkolher Kom, but he could not live longer to fulfill this dream. Mary Kom is in love with her husband Onkolher Kom, but he is not a loving person. In order to fulfill her father’s dream Mary Kom gets married to Onkolher Kom. Marriage is not good for Mary Kom and she concludes her father’s dream. her friend solves the problem of Mary Kom and creates problems for Onkolher Kom. Mary Kom finds out the truth about her husband and fights back to win her own dream and freedom. Download Mary Kom full hd movie song from Mary Kom movie


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