Koi Mil Gaya English Version Full [Extra Quality] Movie

Koi Mil Gaya English Version Full [Extra Quality] Movie


Koi Mil Gaya English Version Full Movie

i loved this movie as a child. i watched it over and over again. it was an ok movie but after the first few minutes i had it off. i think if they had done this as a children’s movie it would have been awesome and a hit. i loved the simplicity of the story and the music was awesome. its had a few GOTY on the IMDB and i love it. not as good as the original alien but still good. get it. get it.

Koi…Mil Gaya is worth a watch if you want to see Hrithik Roshan as an actor. Its convincingly created to look like an alien film and is very interesting for a first time viewer as well. It’s easy to watch and is enjoyable. It’s slow paced, but Hrithik’s striking facial expressions makes up for it. For fans like me it is an absolute treat. I cried at this movie, because I’m a softie like that. An alien gets possessed by an ordinary Indian boy who finds his inner strength and grows up. The film is not quite as good as the original Hrithik Roshan movie – but it does have an interesting concept and the cast is really enjoyable. Hrishik Roshan has successfully gained his confidence as an actor in it. To ecplore the regular scene of an Indian boy and live a normal life he changes into a better person. Hrithik gets all the praise though, and rightly so. He is brilliant. Music is very interesting and perfectly captures the alienation that this person feels. It also has a great twist and turns. The movie has a good ending which delivers what it promises.

this is good movie and have amuch nicer temple bells for nice music than the original. although there were some things that I did not agree with. this movie has much more slow scenes than the original. and some similarities, like John woo or edward norton, but the movie was still lots of fun. if you like usual story, and were a fan of Hrithik ROSHAN, then you will enjoy this movie, and it has some nice themes,but maybe a bit overcomplicated.




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