Face2face Cambridge English Course Torrent

Face2face Cambridge English Course Torrent

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Face2face Cambridge English Course Torrent

This session has two parts. We’ll start with a topic from the Cambridge English Vocabulary syllabus. Then we’ll look at a topic from the Cambridge English Proficiency. We’ll be talking about their references and how we can make the most of them. We’ll show you how to make your own reference lists for productive teaching.

This session is structured to follow the Cambridge English Courseware syllabus. We’ll focus on speaking and listening. Grammar, especially language structure will be given a limited amount of time.

Where we build a corpus doesn’t matter. It’s a purely academic thing. The technique is used when you have full access to paper and pencil and it makes it easier and more systematic. It also helps you collate the most useful words for your language teaching program. However, with face2face all we need are texts of more than 100 words. If you have an E-Book we can use that too. If we’re interested in more we can work you towards a shareable version of the software.

You can’t tell a good story without following some basic form. In this session you’ll learn how to construct and revise good stories. We’ll look specifically at classical narrative and dialogue – all of which we’ll be required to do in our English program! We ‘ll also look at more modern techniques like characterisation, point of view and including musical elements. Even Hollywood movie makers make mistakes!

You can’t learn English without listening! We’ll look at some of the most common errors we see in student listening scores. Some of them are grammar, some are vocabulary and others are pronunciation. We’ll show you how to fix most of the more common problems. The tools we’ll be using is just a web browser and a stylus.




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