Hassad Life platform

Hassad Life is an Omani electronic trading platform and is one of the marketing outlets in the sultanate that connects artisans and traders producing agricultural and natural products with logistics companies and their products are marketed outside and inside Oman. 

Our services:


Facilitating the process of marketing the products of stores in the Sultanate of Oman to inside and outside Oman and designing their own ads in the platform

Vendor platform

We provide the seller with all the services that enable him to sell and rent his products easily and review the monthly and annual reports of sales operations and control them easily and conveniently.


We offer the option of electronic payment or cash on delivery when purchasing products.

Buyers ' platform

Consumers can purchase Omani products through the Android and iPhone applications or the website


The platform provides communication services between sellers or seller and buyer


The platform provides the shipment tracking service to the merchant by adding the shipment code and link in his control panel

Application of harvest of life


We provide consumers with an easy way to search and purchase from the platform


Easily pay by credit card, debit card or cash on delivery.


Delivery options are available within the Sultanate.​


You can contact the seller before and after purchasing the product.​ And you can see the product reviews before buying.

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The harvest is the pulse of life

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