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I think most people are happy for an old, reliable, traditional product. Adventurous to discover a new product that is fun and interactive can be a real challenge. But it can be done. In addition if you look at over one billion people playing video games you see the ones who actually like experimenting and leading. Have you figured out yet how to play this game? The online version of Dawn of Man Planetbase with the alpha new features is here now at http://www.joystiq.com/2008/09/05/dawn-of-man-planetbase-isnt-just-an-oscar-bailey-circus-puzzler/#comment-652908. Our game has been posted to the three lower sites. It has 300+ reviews where as our game has no reviews. It has more news stories and review. Our game has more original features than theirs plus mine original music and the game has 10 levels (it is a story) plus minigames, puzzles, etc. Dawn of Man Planetbase is the right time for you to play our game.
It is a sad day for us when a honest developer gets no reviews. We feel like looking at a supporter of Starmen.net and feel very good about it. I think we have some of the best reviews on the internet. I hope you regret interrupting our review. We are very happy that our game has the support of the readers. It is good that we are able to share our game with the world. I am amazed at the amount of support it seems to receive, and the openness of our guests, especially when it comes to sharing our game. 🙂

worth the hype 🙂 and then some. adds: It had a great concept, however had only a handful of levels, which were the only thing worth playing. I’m just looking to see if the game has been updated.




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