Borderlands Game Of The Year [key Serial Number]l [REPACK]


Borderlands Game Of The Year [key Serial Number]l

Borderlands 2 was a big hit, something Borderlands had never been before. Gameplay is a lot more challenging now with five classes and a lot more character to expand on, the inclusion of planetary missions make the game more open, and the addition of Co-Op (including Drop-In/Drop-Out) makes the game feel more communal. The story is fun and adventure filled, with not-so-typical gore, and the characters are likeable even though they are super harsh and deadly. The multiplayer has improved and offers more traditional shooting and co-op, but suffers due to its popularity.

Borderlands 2 succeeds on multiple levels, starting with its story, setting, and characters. On top of that, its co-op design offers a unique gameplay experience which makes the game all the more enjoyable. A good example is the the fact that the classes are not linear, but rather you can choose to switch the mode of play at any time. Overall, the story and gameplay are fun, the weapons are interesting, and the characters are likable. – Alison Johansen (Read Our Review)

Borderlands 2 is the most beautiful co-op game I’ve ever played with friends. The visuals in the co-op mode are not just gorgeous in Borderlands 2, but they’re beautiful in a way I’ve never seen in a co-op game before. You’ll be constantly amazed at the violence and the horror of the game, and the way you feel during the game. – Hannah Velazquez (Read Her Review)

BORDERLANDS 2 is a great game not just because it’s sequel and has all these new guns and features but those aren’t the only reason why it’s a great game. It has great story, great game and it was fun playing it with friends. – Brian Grimes (Read This Review)


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